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Environment Systems

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Incubator System T is an intuitive and integrated system, maintains all essential parameters in a physiological state ensures optimal experimental conditions for cell viability on the microscope for the purpose of ‘ happiness for the cells and success for researchers.’

It provides precisely controlled conditions including optimized temperature, humidity, CO₂, and optional O₂ levels for a long-term live cell imaging with various Magnetic Imaging Chambers fitted perfectly. Temperature of main body, incubator cover, humidifier, lens warmer, and gas concentration is controllable and recordable. The gas gradients are programmable by CCP(Computer Controlled Program) software.

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Stage-top Incubator System T

Incubator offers optimal on-stage cell culture environment by maintaining the temperature, humidity, and pH during time lapse imaging. Thermal design of the incubating cover and body are designed to provide heat inside the incubator.


For better heat insulation and durability, the incubator body is designed with heating plate to maintain the temperature, while incubator cover composed of built-in dual layered glass traps the heat inside.

LCI stage.jpeg
Temperature Controller

Provides stable and precise control of sample temperature for long-term imaging. Using PID Control, it enables maintaining the temperature of all heating parts including incubator cover, incubator main body, humidifier, and lens-warmer.

  • 3 types of heating control : External, Sample (K-type), Manual sensing feedback

  • 4 heating channels: Incubator cover, body, humidifier, lens warmer

  • Simple cable attachment with color connector

  • Stable and durable temperature distribution

  • Real-time graph and alarm function

  • Real-time thermal response

  • PID control of all parameters

Gas Mixer

Provides accurate concentration gas of CO2, N2, or O2 for research application


  • Available with 3 types of gas controller

  • Solenoid valve and a reservoir for uniform gas blends

  • PID control system regulates gas concentration

  • Internal air pump for a stable gas flow

  • Straight quick connection by tubing fittings


The role of the humidifier is to generate and help incubator to maintain relative humidity, and prevent evaporation which can cause cell damage. CO2 gas flows into incubator through heated water controlled by the humidifier sensor. The rate of air-bubbling can be used to check the flow of gas.


  • Keeps saturated humidity in the incubator

  • Maintains osmolality of medium by preventing evaporation

  • Internal thermal sensor for accurate feedback

  • Detect flow of gas by air-bubbling

  • Magnetic connector

Lens Warmer

For high-resolution imaging, it is necessary to control the temperature of the immersion objective lens. Oil, glycerin, or water acts as a thermal coupling medium which draws heat away from the specimen. To avoid heat loss, wrap the lens warmer onto the objective lens to generate and maintain a proper temperature. Its silicone band fits to all types of objectives.


  • For high-magnification & high-resolution imaging

  • Uses magnetic attachment technique prevents cord breakage by tangling or over tension

  • Specialized silicone material heating band wraps the lens without gap, preventing thermal dissipation from sample temperature

  • Flexible silicone material heating band fit to all objective lens

Remote Touch Pad

Android tablet PC provides intuitive graphical screen for all of parameters required to control incubator system

  • Controls system and all parameters by smartphone and other devices

  • Provides on-line troubleshooting

  • Uses GUI(Graphical User Interface) with intuitive and easy control

  • GUI for real-time temperature and control

  • Automatically save and check real-time data with PC

  • Output data to PC through USB A cable

Chamlide Chambers

Chamlide is a combined word for “chamber” and “slide”, LCI’s trademark for imaging chambers developed by patent technology.

Chamlide chamber is designed to meet various of imaging experiments
Observe high resolution image from bottom coverslip of the chamber
Meet various design of chambers that is also available using with commercial coverslip


  • Various design of chambers

  • Available with commercial coverslip

  • Bottom coverslip for high-resolution imaging

  • Customized design is available

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