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Andor BC43 Benchtop Confocal

Small in Size, Big in Performance

Andor's new Benchtop Confocal delivers amazing images at the push of a button. This plug and play laser confocal system has been designed with cost, performance and accessibility in mind, ensuring hassle-free, high-quality 2D & 3D imaging for busy researchers.

Microscopy Today 2022 Innovation Award Winner*

BC43: Fast. Easy. Compact. Affordable. This is the future of microscopy. 

BC43 PNG.png
Fast and Easy Confocal Microscopy in any Lab

BC43 is a super-compact unit that is rich in features and benefits, making it the ideal microscope for early-stage researchers and experienced microscopists alike. With no requirement for a darkroom, researchers can access laser confocal microscopy technology on the same bench as their samples. This, coupled with the fast learning curve, allows individual users and entire labs to become much more productive, without compromising results.

BC43 Screen Setup.jpg

Widefield Fluorescence Microscopy

Widefield imaging:

  • Offers the gentlest illumination mode for samples that are super-sensitive to light

  • Detects lower sample signals than in confocal mode

  • Offers the fastest imaging speeds to capture dynamic processes in live cells

Use ClearView™ GPU to remove sample blur and enhance resolution, ensuring the best quality images.

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