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Cellvizio Lab is a probe-based Confocal Laser Endomicroscope (pCLE) designed for in vivo imaging in small animals. Cellvizio Lab employs laser scanning confocal technology along with Mauna Kea’s unique, flexible and minimally invasive range of microprobes and ImageCell™ software to deliver in-vivo real time fluorescence imaging at the microscopic level.

Recent News

April 2013
Quorum Technologies  is pleased to announce a new partnership with Indica Labs to represent their next generation image analysis products in Canada

April 2013
Quorum Technologies is pleased to announce their exclusive partnership with 3DHistech to provide their complete portfolio of digital pathology and TMA systems across Canada. This partnership continues Quorum Technologies commitment to provide leading edge digital pathology solutions to both the research and clinical markets.

WMIC 2013
Quorum will be joining Mauna Kea Technologies at WMIC Meeting September 18-21 2013 in Savannah, Georgia

March 2013
Quorum is pleased to announce a new partnership with Mauna Kea Technologies to distribute the CellvizioLab probe based confocal system.


Visit the Quorum Boutique for online ordering of selected LCI Chamlide Chambers. Special webstore pricing available on 35mm Dish Style Chambers for 18mm & 25mm coverships!


We present bi- monthly seminars and workshops in conjunction with a variety of research facilities across Canada.  Please contact us for more information on our current locations or to request a demonstration.  

Featured LaboratoriesFeatured Laboratories

Special webstore pricing available on 35mm Dish Style Chambers for 18mm & 25mm coverships!
3DHistech Digital Pathology Systems
Designed for both brightfield and fluorescence scanning, 3DHISTECH offers a full range of systems to meet the requirements of both low volume and high-throughput laboratories.
Volocity Software:
Volocity software supports images from confocal, widefield and Riveal systems and allows the same tools to be used for visualization, analysis, measurement and validation of all 3D images in your workflow. You can use Volocity Visualization to explore your z-stacks as fully interactive 3D renderings and then identify, analyze and track objects in your 3D data using Volocity Quantitation.
Environment System
Live Cell Instruments Chamlide
One of the most challenging aspects of live cell imaging is keeping cells happy over time. Quorum is pleased to introduce the Live Cell Instruments line of imaging chambers. These chambers offer control of temperature, CO2, humidity and perfusion.

The Light-CT Scanner is a high-resolution imaging device for cellular-level biological tissue imaging. It performs non-invasive and non-destructive real-time optical biopsy.

Riveal Contrast
Quorum's latest innovation, the Riveal Contrast is a patented system that allows live cells to be observed in real time with unmatched resolution and contrast without the need for exogenous staining.
Quorum WaveFX Spinning Disc
Quorum is one of the early adopters of the Spinning Disc Confocal technology and has led the Canadian Market with the WaveFX. We continue to impress researchers with images they have not been able to obtain with scanning confocal systems or any other modality
Panoptiq Panoptiq™: An Interactive Slide Imaging System
Panoptiq™ addresses a common need among pathologists for a system that allows them to digitize their slides but at the same time fits within the pathology department’s workflow and budget.
System photo
Molecular Machines Industries
Laser Microdissection isolates tissue from a range of sample types including paraffin, cryo and live cultures. The isolated tissue can be used for molecular analysis.

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