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Image Management

Quorum Technologies has been providing digital pathology and slide scanning solutions to the Canadian research and healthcare market for over 20 years.  Supporting research and clinical installations across Canada, Quorum provides the highest level of expertise and knowledge to our customers with the vision, flexibility, dedication, and a comprehensive understanding of the digital pathology community, necessary to ensure longevity and adoption of Digital Pathology
Quorum’s history in the field of pathology began 38 years ago when the company’s founder, John Arbuckle, started his career selling microscopes for Wild Leitz Canada (now Leica). Quorum was incorporated in 1989. Quorum was the first company to introduce Digital Pathology (DP) to Canada in 2005. The company has remained committed to the practice of DP while several companies have come and gone. Quorum has had the benefit of being a distributor and a systems integrator. This has provided the company with extensive exposure to many DP solutions over that last 16 years which has increased our knowledge base. Today, Quorum is positioned to provide world class solutions in both end to end integrations as well as independent components of an integration. We remain solution agnostic and can integrate our scanners with other software platforms or integrate our software with other scanner manufacturers.

It is our goal and vision to promote the full adoption of digital pathology in Canada, offering the most advantageous, workflow conscious solutions for Canadian pathologists.  Our longstanding commitment to digital pathology is reflected by our diverse knowledge of the available technologies and our experience implementing solutions which truly benefit the Patient and provide the Pathologist with an easily accessible interface.
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