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super small and super stable

The incredibly compact STEDYCON has the size of a shoebox, yet it is a full-fledged confocal and STED microscope. It fits on every microscope frame with a camera port. Get in touch with us to upgrade your system!

The STEDYCON is service and maintenance-free: The laser beams are aligned by design. So, there is no need to align the system, ever, and it works reliably every day

extremely user-friendly

Save your time with the STEDYCON software: only minutes of training are required to acquire STED and confocal images. Thanks to the powerful dye database behind, only minimal user input is needed, and even with unkown samples, you get with 3 clicks to the first STED image!

Our software is browser-based, so run it from any device, from any platform, from anywhere!

Super Resolution Systems
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Facility Line
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