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Facility: best for imaging

Our FACILTY system is a truly cutting-edge micro- and nanoscope that is incredibly easy to use. It combines advanced features for high-end confocal and superresolution imaging with foolproof operation. ADAPTIVE ILLUMINATION (DYMIN, RESCUE, MINFIELD), Adaptive OpticsEASY3D STED, confocal & STED autofocus, spectral RAINBOW detection, and full AUTOALIGNMENT.

Our new software was designed from scratch to furnish a user interface that allows beginners to intuitively arrive at a top-notch STED image within three clicks, while it triggers a steep learning curve and allows expert users full control over the instrument. The unprecedented workflow outshines everything you have seen before.

The FACILITY software supports new and advanced users alike. After entering the dyes that are in your sample, the machine knows everything about excitation wavelengths, detection bands, STED settings, etc. From there, you simply select a region you want to image and the first scan will give you a good superresolution measurement. After this, it’s a breeze to optimize settings.

All functions are grouped in convenient tabs that can be escalated to adapt to different user levels. In the example above, Light Path controls are unfolded, first to show basic objective and pinhole controls, while a more advanced user can move one escalation higher to manipulate gating and detection settings. This way, you only see what you need in the moment, cluttered screens with hundreds of buttons are avoided, and new users don’t feel overwhelmed, while advanced users are in full control.

The FACILITY software allows tiled scans, and in every scan you can select an arbitrary number of regions of interests (ROIs, corresponding to items in the tree view, see above). Every ROI itself can serve as an overview again, meaning that you can easily climb down from sample level overviews to detailed superresolution images, while spatial context is saved at all times. Of course, the FACILITY supports arbitrarily rotated ROIs, even in STED mode!

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Minflux 3D
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