Diskovery TIRF System

We are committed to providing leading edge products and services that are both effective and expandable over time. Quorum is the leading supplier of spinning disk confocal microscopes in Canada and this is largely due to the superior performance of our solutions as well as our outstanding service and support.  In conjunction with Spectral Applied Research, we have developed the most advanced spinning disk confocal system available on the market today and, more recently, we have focused on TIRF and Localized Microscopy (Super-resolution) solutions. The culmination of this development and optimization is manifest in the Diskovery Platform.

Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence microscopy is a well-established tool for examining molecular activity at the cell membranes / coverslip interface giving very high contrast and 100 nm resolution. As it is often necessary to study these molecules in the context of their surrounding environment the Diskovery system combines its unique methods of Borealis widefield Illumination with its multicolor TIRF imaging mode with only 3 ms switch times. This provides a virtually instantaneous representation of TIRF imaging overlaid with the high quality Borealis widefield illumination.

Andor Diskovery TIRF System

The Diskovery TIRF upgrade is a unique system in that it does not include a dichroic. This results in a system that has an increased speed of imaging between channels and also eliminates the need for specific filter cubes for TIRF. Due to the design of the light paths, this TIRF solution will allow the researcher to image the confocal (with the purchase of the optional upgrade) and TIRF images on the same camera, thus ensuring the exact pixel registration between the TIRF and Confocal images.

Image Left: Actin-RFP in HeLa cells prepared by Dr. Bebhinn Treanor, University of Toronto, system integration provided by Quorum Technologies Inc.

Other advantageous of the system include:

Singel fibre for imaging multiple wavelengths without changing the alignment
One command places all wavelengths at the same TIRF penetration depth for simultaneous or sequential imaging
Control of the TIRF angle without moving the fibre
Precise alignment and control with superb repeatability
Reflected laser excitation is captured to reduce stray light and reduce noise
Supports polarized excitation and emission separation
TIRF performance optimized from excitation to emission
Does not require specialized TIRF filter cubes
System designed with all TIRF applications in mind.


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