Optogenetics Mosaic System

Mosaic is the perfect tool for active illumination applications such as Optogenetics, optophysiology, photobleaching/activation and uncaging. This patented combination of digital mirror device used with a microscope delivers high speed targeting of complex light patterns to your sample. For optogenetics you can even combine complimentary activating and inhibitory wavelengths at the same time for tight spatial target protein control

Mosaic is a patented instrument platform built around MEMS Digital Mirror Devices (DMD). DMDs were developed at Texas Instruments in 1987 and are now in widespread use in digital projectors and other display devices. The DMD comprises an array of individually addressable micro-mirrors that can be switched "on and off" (tilted) with MEMS "hinge" elements. DMD arrays contain hundreds of thousands to millions of micro-mirrors.


Optogenetics is a rapidly growing technique used across an ever broadening array of research fields. Investigators now genetically modify many signalling pathway elements to enable precise and spatially targeted light control of biology down to a single cell or sub-cellular level. Mosaic’s original and patented combination of DMD (micro-mirror array) with microscopy delivers the perfect tool for optophysiology.

Neuroscience, probably the largest research field using targeted light, commonly uses an upright microscope. Mosaic Infinity has been designed to couple simply to most upright scopes

Flexible patterning for complex networks and dynamics
High-speed (5KHz) to meet biological demands
Simultaneous dual-colour illumination (excite & inhibit)
Supports several light source types (e.g. laser, LED, Hg)

Can be used with p-CLAMP™
Also capable of uncaging and photo-bleaching/activation

We recommend the X-Cite XLED1 for use in Optogenetics.